We are a team of professionals who have the industry insights and ability to relate to your business needs. We worked closely with our clients across the region to provide the right business research techniques, and practical solutions for them to make better, more informed decisions in dealing with the changing environment and minimizing the investment risk.

Our scope of Industry Market Research includes:


Market Opportunities & Customer Insights

These are fully evaluated information about your current and potential customers. They come from a combination of quantitative and qualitative research and data analysis. It provides clarity on exactly who your customers are and what they need and want.

Monitor Market Trend & Product Awareness

Employ effective methodologies for monitoring market opportunities, trends, and awareness. Understand the customer journey, buying process, and benchmark yourself against the competitor.

Competition benchmarking

Benchmarking helps you identify the best standard of performance of competitors to help you measure your performance, and to evolve your competitive strategy. We help our clients with benchmarking studies against the competition that gives them a guide on how to improve business performance. Our research involves analysis on the brand performance and organisation execution excellence against the competition that helps to critically pinpoint the areas for improvement for the client to develop an optimal marketing strategy

Voice of Customer & Co-creation of Values

Going customer-centric can directly impact the top and the bottom line of the company. We help our clients to conduct research on exploration co-creation with their customers. Our "Voice of Customer" research focuses on understanding the customers by exploring their attitudes, needs, motivations, and behavior. This ultimately helps a company to better identify, understand, and retain their customers.

Customer Buying Process/Journey

Many think that buying is random. Quite the contrary, consumers do a considerable amount of research before buying. We help clients to map out their customer journey to fully understand the buying pathways, gain insights into customer experiences. We also look into interactions at different touchpoints, their beliefs, and other elements that impact behavior. This helps to discover growth opportunities, make informed decisions in product life-cycle management and improves customer experiences.