LNS Market Access 3Es:

  1. Enables organizations to establish & expand patient accessibility through innovative ideas and strategic plans.
  2. Evaluation of critical & untapped opportunities for organizations' success and growth.
  3. Enhances partnerships between clients and policymakers for market preparations and transformations.

Public Access

The LNS Market Access team has more than a decade of experience in expanding access for key international brands that are marketed locally, starting from engagements with the right stakeholders to policy change initiatives. As support from policymakers is crucial, this team also has experience in engaging high-level meetings with the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the right stakeholders, locally and internationally, to discuss strategies in reducing disease burden.

Private Access

There is a misconception that Market Access is only meant for Public Access. However, in a dynamic and complex market like Malaysia where 60% of business opportunities are in the private sector, it is crucial especially when it comes to gaining initial market traction, strategies focusing on the private sector need to be well designed. Analysis of private market dynamics and economic evaluation will provide an overall landscape readiness.

Patient Access

The dynamics of the pharma market is rapidly changing. New innovative solutions are required in order to stay ahead of the competition. The Market Access team in LNS has deep insights & understanding of the legitimate requirements from all parties, hence the ability for seamless implementations.

Unfolding Opportunities

We, at LNS, are able to identify and find solutions through personalised engagements with stakeholders, c-suite executives, surveys etc. Discovering opportunities in local scenarios (internal and external gaps) that are done swiftly, is one of the major success factors for any organization. We are confident that LNS will be able to add this value to your organization for greater achievements.

Our scope of supports includes instrumental medical market access & government affairs, patient access, pricing and tender, and  product enlistment; driving patient advocacy, developing health economics and real-world evidence