Red is Good

Our tagline of "Red is Good" echoes our philosophy that red does not mean failures but instead represents opportunities for growth and improvement.

What do We Stand for?


We believe in having a long-term view. One that defines what ‘good’ looks like across a winning organisation. One where all productivity drivers are connected and a strong foundation is prioritised and continually developed.


We pursue innovation and customer-centric strategies to help move organisations toward a future state of competitiveness.


We build standards and benchmark against industry best practices, seamlessly connect stakeholders with a common purpose, and ensure it is all sustainable through strong governance and skills transfer.

What are We Made of?

One of
the best

in the pharmaceutical consulting industry.

Over 30 years of experience

in the pharmaceutical industry.

One of
the pioneers

in pharmacovigilance in Asia.

Founder's Legacy. LNS' Heritage

It has always been about standard, innovation and your experience.


The pharmaceutical industry has uniquely developed our professionalism. LNS is the platform to attract experienced talents. Now, it’s our turn to contribute these innovations back to the industry by building strong organisations for each of our client.


John Tan

Founder of LNS

The Nexus of LNS

At LNS, you'll find passionate, collaborative people who care for you and your successful endeavours.


Lee Hwee Cheen
Chief Executive Officer

Tang Say Foon
Chief Operation Officer


Felicia Lau
Senior Director

Ewe Kheng Huat
Senior Director


Get the Inside Track with LNS

Partners and Affiliations

We don't work alone. Over the years, we've formed collaborations, strategic partnerships, and become active members of relevant industry organisations across Asia Pacific to keep us at the forefront of industry developments.